Pay Per Click.

May Sky Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns have driven thousands of sales and millions in revenue for our clients.  Now more than ever, PPC delivers a fantastic Return on Investment. The internet represents your largest pool of potential leads with 97% of your future customers using online media to research. Our goal in every PPC campaign is to drive the highest quality geo-targeted leads from within specific demographic categories so that you have both high quantity and, more importantly, the highest quality inquires that convert.


Search engines are the number one way people research virtually everything they need. Mobile search is on the rise as users constantly search on the go. We help you capture those potential leads and sales.


  1. Drive leads from searchers on web and mobile.
  2. Expand reach across major search engines and directories.
  3. Get a low cost per lead and high ROI for your budget.
  4. Daily Conversion Optimization. 
  5. 1000+ Keywords. We chose the right keywords based on data from 1M+ search campaigns.
  6. Mobile Ads & Landing Pages. Your text ads & landing pages are optimized for mobile.
  7. 98% of Places People Search. Our extensive network gets you covered on all the major search engines. 
  8. Google Premier SMB Partner. Google-supported best practices boost your quality score. 
  9. Call Tracking & Recording. Our technology tracks and records every call. 
  10. Transparent Reporting. Reports show details including calls, emails, form submits and cost per lead.
May Sky’s PPC team is an official partner of Google.