Social Marketing Strategy

Back in the day (only like 2 years ago), it was enough to simply post frequently and call it strategy.  Not anymore.  Today, strategies need to be thought out and documented so they can evolve as the market evolves.  Once we determine our strategy for you, we create the content and approach to realize our strategy. All of May Sky’s strategies focus on a few vital factors.



It is important to create realistic goals.  While the size of a platform is key, the users who make up the platform are even more so.  We look for channels that are right for our client’s brand.  Some brands are perfect for Twitter while others (many in fact) are not.  Our goals focus on increasing brand awareness, bettering quality of sales, improving ROI, and developing user loyalty.



Understand what platforms your audience frequents and break them down by demographics such as age, income levels, geographic location, spending habits, likes and dislikes and much more.



Page like and followers are obvious metrics and usually the focus of most brands however, we also look at metrics such as reach, clicks, engagement, and organic likes.  A broader list of metrics gives us a better view of your platform performance.



We make sure to select a number of competitors and similar businesses and literally watch what they do.  This way, we are  informed content developers and strategists keeping our clients on the forefront of the space.



Our strategy is hyper focused on a directive for content.  Creative content supported by a wide range of media such as still photos, video, graphics, and curated posts engages users to return and act.



Often times, we do not post the same creative across all platforms.  Platforms offer different experiences so not all content is appropriate for every platform.  Also, different platforms have different peak times and analytics.  We chart these times, test creative, and use data to develop our posting schedules.


Most importantly, we consider our strategies to be living organisms.  They grow, adapt and evolve over time as time moves forward.  A good strategy always includes the ability to change for the right reasons.