Direct Mail

Digital Data. Traditional Direct Mail.

May Sky uses Digital Data to develop your traditional Direct Mail. It’s Direct Mail unlike you’ve ever seen before. Gone are the days of purchasing a list and hoping for the best. With our platform, we build your direct mail list in real time from users who spend active time on your website. Literally as they are navigating your site. You work hard and spend time and money to drive potential customers to your website, let us help you reach as many active users as possible. Even those who don’t call, email, or fill out your form.

Technology Driven

Our program is based upon pixel technology that gathers data from users who navigate your website. As this information is gathered, the user and their data is added to your direct mail list. When you are ready for a mailing, you can select the parameters and data you want for your mailing and a direct mail piece is sent out to all those who fit your mailing criteria. You can create multiple pieces for different parameters, offering a more personalized approach to direct mail. The key difference is that your list is built from active users who have navigated to your website. In the past, if a user left without filling out a form and making a call, they were lost. NOW, you can reach back to them in a way that fits their lifestyle, spending patterns, and interests.

Direct Mail is a Powerful Lead Generator

Studies continue to show that direct mail is one of the most reliable forms of lead generation. This technology offers a powerful direct response vehicle that will work on its own and become a strong support to a full campaign.
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