According to Hubspot, overall ROI is more likely to increase for companies who blog; in fact, reports show that some businesses who prioritize blogging experience a 13X increase in ROI, year after year.

Adding a blog to your website will greatly enhance your marketing efforts and place controlled content right in front of your audience. May Sky will create a blog that features high-quality content and a specific strategy to best take advantage of all that blogging offers. Here are links to a few we’ve developed: JAZZ HOSTELS; MORTON WILLIAMS SUPERMARKETS; MANDL SCHOOL, THE COLLEGE OF ALLIED HEALTH.

Blogging will increase search visibility, leads, and sales. It will also lend a vital hand in reinforcing the¬†your brand name in a controlled digital environment. Most importantly, from a relationship perspective, blogging offers an excellent opportunity to show the personal side of your company, it’s services and products. Through copy tone, humor, topic selection, imagery, video and more, your blog becomes a bridge for consumers to better see a more detailed view of who you are. Our mission is to make this view fantastic.